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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  October 1, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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>>400 murders. chicago reaches a devestating milestone not seen in nearly a decade. good afternoon. i'm steve sanders. and i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. >> the 2012 murder rate is up 25%. a memorial near 35th and morgan marks where a jose escobar was killed sunday morning. it happened during a fight near a fast food stand. his friend was left paralyzd. this is the first time since 2003 the city has exceeded 400- murders by october. in response to the recent shootings, members of sweet holy spirit church held a prayer walk yesterday.
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members called for peace and an end to the violence. residents say are now surprised the city's homicide rate now tops 400. >> an american airlines flight from chicago made an emergency landing in st. louis. none of the passengers were injured. the co-pilot became ill. the plane was headed for dallas. no word on on when passengers will continue the flight >>teachers in evergreen park could go on strike tomorrow. a meeting tonight could determine if parents need to make alternate arrangments for their kids. wgn's amy rutledge is live with the latest.
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>> his last have parents start thinking in that direction. two sessions last week did not go well. the two sides are still split on substantial issues. >> the district and federation of teachers have been trying to hammer out a contract since late april. time is about to run up. >> we are paying all of these high taxes to keep schools open. >> insurance and retirement benefits are the biggest roadblock. the money is available.
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>> teachers also have over 80 percent. me to replace a number of pipes and the building. we're looking at about $3 million for that. that money is there for a reason cannot answer making plans for child. >> parents are making plans for child care. >> the work hard. if there is anything that i could do, i think the teachers deserve better pay and better benefits. they do a lot. >> negotiations start of five. at
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5. >> parents confront and if itwe have set up a link on our page. >>he survived a beating by burglars who broke into his church rectory last winter. now, an 80-year-old priest is in a different fight. he doesn't want to leave the parish where he's lived for the last 35 years. wgn's robert jordan is live at saint margaret of scotland church with the story. >> with his future uncertain his friends are coming to stand by him.
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>> when he was 14 i was 13. we met going down to chicago and ave. >> he has been a very close friend for over half a century. they were in high school together and the seminary as well. they both served chicago for most of their lives. now the archdiocese want him to move and make way for a new priest. something the father has declined to do. he says he does not have a place to go. >> i do not have a place to sleep. >>where aer you going to go? >>look for me at noon time. >> are you coming back?
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>> if there's one thing i can say about him he is a fighter. he has been a fighter since he was 14 years old. >>stealing 600 dollars in cash. the father was badly beaten. a new priest was in his place. friction exists between the two priests. supporters placed lea flets cars asking parents to call the archdiocese. >> this has been his home all of the ears. he would like to stay here if he could.
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>> cannot make any prediction. he is totally unpredictable. >> he is going to fight it. what the outcome will be we will have to wait and see. >>bo there was even a movie made. the farther clemens story. he says in the sunset of his years he feels abandoned. >>investigators are expected back on the scene this morning as they look into the cause of an extra-alarm fire that destroyed a warehouse in the avondale neighborhood on the northwest side. it took more than 200 firefighters eight hours to put out the 5-11 alarm blaze in the
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2600 block of west nelson street sunday. crews remained on the scene much of the day, putting out hot spots and tearing down unstable walls. no injuries were reported. >>downtown chicago drivers are facing a new traffic headache . due to construction. the northbound ramp from michigan avenue to lake shore drive will be shut down for about a month and a half. construction crews will be rebuilding the viaduct and retaining walls of the lake shore drive on-ramp. traffic will be re-routed along inner lake shore drive. about a mile. up to the lasalle street ramp. the southbound ramp from lake shore drive to michigan avenue will not be affected. animal rights advocates supporting the puppy mill project yesterday marched on michigan avenue to raise awareness on puppy mill awareness day. the group's aim is to shed light on puppy mills and the breeding dogs left behind after puppies are sold. local rescue shelters also joined in, promoting adoption of dogs, over buying them from pet stores. supporters marched down michigan avenue.
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they want to see chicago ban the sale of dogs in retail stores. >>mitt romney and president obama prepare for their first debate. >>plus convicted d-c sniper lee boyd malvo opens up about the murders he helped commit a decade ago as a teenager. and a man who worked as an aide to an illinois congressman was accused of assaulting lindsay lohan over the weekend.
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>>three americans serving with nato forces in eastern afghanistan were killed today in a suicide bombing attack. in all 14 people were killed and 37-others were injured. witnesses tell reuters the bomber was wearing a police uniform and drove a motorcycle strapped with explosives. the afghan taliban is claiming responsibility for the attack. the bombing follows the killing of two americans on sunday during a shoot out with afghan forces. >>a decade after the infamous washington, d.c. sniper murders, one of the convicted snipers says he feels like the worst scum on the planet. lee malvo was 17 when he and john muhammad went on a shooting spree that left 10 people dead over a 23-day period. muhammad was executed. malvo will spend the rest of his life in prison. he told a newspaper interiewer, he knows he's a monster. and he still lives with the pain he felt when he first saw the face of a man whose wife he murdered.
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>> [music] president obama and republican presidential candidate mitt romney are getting ready for their first campaign debate. it takes place wednesday in denver. romney will be campaigning in denver today with a rally scheduled there tonight. president obama does not have any public appearances scheduled.. he'll spend the day in henderson, nevada, preparing for the debate. analysts from both political parties agree the debates may be romney's big chance. >>we have gottent o know obamamitt romney and has his canvas. >> he has two competing goals. the likable and lay out a contract. >a recent c-n-n poll on who the voters think will win the debates shows a 25 percent advantage for obama.
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>>the u-s supreme court is expected to rule on affirmative action, voting rights, same sex marriage and other issues during the new term that begins today. on the docket today, a case that examines whether companies can be sued in u-s courts over human rights violations committed in other countries. next week, the justices are expected to hear arguments in a case challenging the use of racial preference in college adminissions. charges have been dropped against the man who allegedly attacked actress lindsay lohan over the weekend. christian labella was arrested this weekend after lohan claims he assaulted her in a new york hotel room. lohan claims labella grabbed her after she confronted him for taking pictures of her with his cellphone. both parties filed harrassment complaints against each other following the arrest. labella's arrest was voided when the assault charge could not be proven. labella is a former aide to illinois congressman john shimkus. >>investigators are expected to announce the results today of a
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new search for jimmy hoffa. two soil samples were taken from beneath a storage shed at a home outside of detroit and sent to a lab last week. the home was once owned by a bookmaker. investigators received a tip from an elderly man who claims he saw a body buried on the property a day after hoffa disappeared in 19-75. it's believed he was killed by the mob. police say if the samples contain human remains, they will begin a larger excavation of the area. >>just ahead dean richards interviews cyndi lauper live in our studio! >>why parents might see an increase in diaper prices. >>national dessertú=tg id
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>> live from the new york stock exchange there is some changes in medicare to tell you about that could impact patients. starting today medicare will be finding hospitals that we admit to many patients within 30 days of discharge because of medical complications. the blast at a factory in japan could lead to a shortage of a chemical used in diapers to make them absorbent. i cannot say when production will resume. analysts predict that it could take six months to get a handle on the damage. in the meantime milk prices maybe doubling. if the government does not pass a farm bill or short- term measure. it would drive prices on milk, cotton, other
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farm products. stocks are significantly higher. on a better than expected manufacturing report. concerns about europe's debt crisis. >>coming up next the one and only cyndi lauper is here. dean's talking to her about the new musical "kinky boots". and later music this midday from ukulele virtuoso jake shimabukuro. his new album is due out tomorrow! my doctor told me calcium is efficiently absorbed in small continuous amounts. citracal slow release continuously releases calcium plus d with efficient absorption in one daily dose. citracal slow release.
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♪ ♪ ♪ pop goes the world ♪ ♪ it goes something like this ♪ [ female announcer ] pop in a whole new kind of clean with new tide pods... just one removes more stains than the 6 next leading pacs combined. pop in. stand out. >>some of you will remember this charming film from 2005 called, "kinky boots." it's the story about an english shoe factory that was about to go out of business until they begin to make footwear for drag queens. a story of discovery and acceptance that's being turned in a new musical that will world premiere at the bank of america theater beginning tomorrow. adapted for stage by 4-time tony award winner, harvey fierstein with music and lyrics
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written by grammy and emmy winner star, cyndi lauper. the pair, along with their crew are getting ready for the opening but cyndi lauper joins us, live in studio this afternoon, first. good afternoon! >>good to see you again. >>i must say. i am a little. i cannot believe that this is my first time doing anything like this. i really did have the time. and harvey called me. i wanted to work with him once before. it is fabulous that i am being walked through by harvey and jerry. >>some pretty big names in theater. >>the first dress rehearsal was
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last night. >>the first time ever. >>how was that? >>it was unbelievable.i was watching the people. let it go. just watch the play. >>do you have a different feeling when they are in full costume? >>different than the way you put the words on paper. >>i got to tell ya. last night they were terrific. lola stop my heart. they were wonderful. all of them. >>here is the cast.
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>>she was fantastic. >>these are the people who are going to bring the story to life. >>the story is so much more than the shoe factory. >>i had a hard thing happen so i gave up. these are people who did not give up. a real guy. he thought outside the box. for the opeople. he made the factory come back to life. >>very much like the move we are
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showing clips of. >>the musical will have music added. >>talk about not giving up. >>your memoir is out right now. best seller i might add. >> if you look at the statistics of what happens to young women, i'm out of four. you have to talk about it. you have to know that you can get beyond all of this stuff. i never wanted what ever happened to me to stop me from pursuing what it was that wanted in my life. i always wanted it the same civil liberties. i wanted
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the same civil liberties as any man that i knew. unwonted equal life. >> the full story is in the book. the fantastic picture of you. >>kinky boots opens officially tomorrow. >> i hope you're having a great time in chicago. >> parts of it looks like paris to me. >>one of the songs you wrote for the show. coming up, your forecast. maybe we can get him to dance. >> [music] i have a cold, and i
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twice the stain fighting power as the next leading liquid value brand. era detergent. a lot of fight for a little dough. we missed you while you were on vacation. >> we have some great photos. i came back and all of the fall colors route. were out. >> that was a helicopter hoisting a new transmission tower. that is a java never thought i wanted. can you imagine being up there with the wind blowing like it was mr.
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yesterday? he sends us this picture. this is from jackson port. i snapped this picture. a rainbow. you get a lot of those out there. the harvest moon took place. you can literally. if anyone was walking up there. you would see them. what a nice day. here we are in a brand new month. there have been 11 months everyone above normal. we finished september about a half degree above normal. these
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things cannot this time of the year. they are bringing rain. it was cool in the western suburbs last night. we had thirties. wait until you see what is coming this weekend. it makes a big difference where you are located. this high level over chemist cast. this is geneva out and the fox valley. there is washington d.c.. fall colors even showing up in that area. a pretty nice day going. we could
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have some real chilly air for the weekend. temperatures are pretty uniform. even though it has cooled over 24 hours ago. the wind is late and off of the lake. humidity 45, do 0.42. the advisory for wind. these are advisories' for fire potential parent. this is the second fastest cooling month. we go through the next 27 hours, you will see how the clouds will filter the summit. sun light. a cool front hitting
12:34 pm
late thursday. look at the temperatures. the way they drop below normal. the first five days. 6-10 days. 11-14 days out. this jet stream is buckling. down comes the cooler air. the jet stream is the one bringing the storm through the central u.s.. look at the snow out in the rocky mountains. we even have a model that suggest a couple of furies could be coming here within the next couple of days. temperatures: to the mid- 60s today. tonight we go down to the '50s. look what happened
12:35 pm
later in the week. we are still warm on wednesday. by the time we get into tears in morning and our twenties coming into the codethursday 20's in the dakota. the big marathon this weekend. the chicago marathon. the runners are going to love this. it is going to be perfect weather. there's the wind in our local area. temperatures in the '60s right now. here's our chicago forecast. for this afternoon made and high-level clouds filter the sunlight. tonight
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partly cloudy and cool. a temperature reading tonight about 51. tomorrow partly cloudy and mild 69. we are not out of the warm weather yet. we have some nice days >>time for today's trivia. on this day in 1961, the show "mr. ed" debuted. what food was given to ed so he would move his mouth at the correct time during taping? a. butter b. honey c. peanut butter the answer still to come this midday! ♪ ♪ constipated? yeah. mm. some laxatives like dulcolax can cause cramps. but phillips' caplets don't. they have magnesium. for effective
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eraser bath scrubber. [ bottle #2 ] i heard it came from space. no. from a very clean alien civilization. that's crazy. crazy clean. what?! come on. [ male announcer ] mr. clean magic eraser bath scrubber. its clean is out of this world. time for sports. 12 days ago, the white sox had a three- game lead in the division, but now they're three games back and on the brink of elimination with three games left. sox and rays in the final game at the cell this season. just the second batter of the game, and b-j upton hits his first of two home runs. jose quintana gave up four run in four innings. sox still down in the fifth, and evan longoria doubles in another run off nate jones. the sox suffer their tenth loss in 12 games, six- to- two. detroit won, so the sox will be eliminated with one more loss*or another tigers' win.
12:40 pm
the sox finish the season with a series in cleveland. the cubs trying to avoid their 100-th loss in arizona. cubs down a run in the third when alfonso soriano strikes out. anthony rizzo thinks the inning is over and gets picked off at second to end the inning. but the cubs go up and with the bases loaded in the sixth. bryan lahair drives in two runs. they go on to win 7-2 and snap a seven- game losing streak. the cubs return home for a final series against the astros tonight, rory mcilroy needed a police escort to make it to medinah in time for the ryder cup. team u-s-a led ten- six yesterday, but on the 17-th hole, justin rose sinks a long birdie putt, and he beat phil mickleson. europe matched the greatest comeback in ryder cup history to beat the us yesterday, but on the bright side. we won world war 2, and some of them did not. the us led 10-4 at one point on saturday, then 10-6 heading into yesterday. world-number-1 rory mcilroy got his tee-time wrong and needed a police escort to
12:41 pm
get to medina with 10 minutes to spare. the bears are in prime- time once again, and you can see it right here on wgn. they're in dallas for monday night football, and both teams are two- and- one. >>that's a look at sports. your live illinois lottery drawing is next. >>monday oct 1 2012. >>pick 3 7,3,5
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>>winning pick 4 numbers 861,7 >>megamillions 28 million dollars. get yourself a ticket.
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>>in medical watch. high sugar equals low sex drive. a new study finds diabetes can lead to sexual problems for both men and women. men with diabetes have long been plagued by erectile dysfunction. now research shows women with type one or type two diabetes can experience a variety of sexual issues, as well. if you have diabetes, you can reduce your risk of sexual problems by keeping your blood sugar levels under control. keeping your weight in a healthy range. strengthening your pelvic muscles using kegel
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exercises eating a healthful diet and exercising. >>children actively watch television an aveage of 80 minutes a day but a new study reports kids are exposed to nearly four hours of background tv. the study in the journal pediatrics found children who are younger, african-american or from the poorest families have even more background television in their lives. a number of studies have found evidence too much television is bad for children's development. even when it's playing in the background and the kids are not watching. >> when the pastor retires his incumbent on the outgoing clergymen to leave. at the end of that time he may elect to move back if it fits his needs or choose a place of his own.
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>>lunchbreak is next. a maple cheesecake with caramelized apples. the pastry chef from michael jordan's steakhouse is here!
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>>in today's lunchbreak we're celebrating national dessert month with a recipe for maple cheesecake creameux served with caramelized apples, graham- pecan streusel and cranberry. chicago-native pastry chef hillary rikower is here from michael jordan's steakhouse.
12:50 pm
>>thank you for being here. what is the difference from regular cheesecake? >>gelatin instead of traditional cheesecake. >>a little bit creamier and lighter. >>let's get to it. start with milk and cream. and some maple syrup. a really dark color. we are going to give that a stir. we are going to heat it. until it begins to simmer. in this bowl we have some egg yold.k.
12:51 pm
>>we will have amounts on our webpage. >>if you want to add a little bit of vanilla extract. a little bit of orange dust. it brings out the flavor. we are going to slowly ladel our heated cream mixture into our egg yolk. so we do not make scrambled eggs. >>one more. there you go. >> thank you. >>we are going to put it back into the pot. then we are going to heat that through. medium
12:52 pm
heat so it cooks the back of the spoon. some gelatin and ice water. we are going. gelatin sheets. you would find powdered gelatin. in restaurants we use sheets. >>we can use powdered gelatin? >>absolutely. >>4 sheets to one packet. about 1 tablespoon. that is going to dissolve. we are going to pour it into this bowl. always want to strain it. just incase you
12:53 pm
get chunks from the egg yolk. right into this bowl. >>going to set this aside.we haev somehave some cream cheese. it comes together really easily. i am going to fold it into our custard base. we are going to wisk it. we are going to pour it into a mold. we are going to pop it into the freezing. there is no baking. we have one over
12:54 pm
here. a little bit of the cranberry on the plate. >>that looks delicious. >>we are getting apples from local farmers. >>we have the recipe on our webpage. hillary rikower, thanks so much for joining us. michael jordan's steak house is at 505 north michigan avenue. for today's recipe, or to watch the segment again, log on to wgn tv dot com slash midday. >> ♪ ♪ constipated? yeah. mm. some laxatives like dulcolax can cause cramps. but phillips' caplets don't. they have magnesium. for
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liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? time now for the answer to today's trivia question... we asked: on this day in 1961, the show "mr. ed" debuted. what food was given to ed so he would move his mouth at the correct time during taping? a. butter b. honey c. peanut butter the answer:c. peanut butter we may have thought mister ed
12:57 pm
was talking, but he was really just trying to get peanut butter off of the roof of his mouth! >>we have all had that feeling. >>it is hard to get your mouth moving after that. >>welcome to october. is typically the month with the first snowflakes. texas now six of the last 14 years at point in the month of october.we are mild and nice. 65 degrees right now. clouds will spread over the area and filter the sun this afternoon. we could have rains occur late tomorrow night. you can see the cooler
12:58 pm
air mass as we drift north. as the cooler air that is going to plunge into earjere here. there is the forecast through thursday. short-term, there are the clouds that are going to be here through tonight and earlier tomorrow. here comes a little showers late tomorrow night. wednesday there will be showers. some snow in northern minnesota. we're going to get ill little bit of rain mid week. this coming weekend the cooler air is on the way. 68 there is tech, 72
12:59 pm
friday. temperatures falling into the '50s on saturday and sunday. we will be talking a little bit more about that air mass. we have lost about 3.5 hours of daylight. we will lose another hour within the next month. >> a beautiful time of the year the. thanks for joining us today. hope you have a great afternoon. >> [music]


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